Restarting Startups

The Last90 provides venture capital for founders who are redefining the future of work. We join as operational co-founders to get you back on track.

The Founders' spark is the first 10%

As former founders we appreciate the hustle, domain experience, coding chops and cultural relevance founders make when they go from a weekly paycheck to betting on themselves. That is the magic of the first 10%. The last 90% is all about the execution.

We named our fund The Last90 because we bring venture capital, a Private Equity model and the early-stage founding team heavy-lifting experience needed to turn the Founder’s passion and idea into a revenue generating business.


Why Do High Potential Startups Stall?

Running Low On Cash

The hockey stick forecast didn’t come true and that impacted your runway.

First-Time Founders

Decision-making process due to inexperience of running a company. 


Solving interesting problems vs critical business needs.

Pivot That Missed

Not pivoting quickly enough along with the cash burn to support the team.  

Source: CB Insights

We Work With Founders To Avoid The Stall

The Last90 enables Founders to continue to build on their vision with the guidance, financial stability and equity upside. The Last90 provides venture capital, joins the board and works side-by-side with the founders as operational co-founders.

We formulate a M&A or Private Equity “exit ready” strategy and timeline. The next step is the deployment of our venture capital and full-time technical, engineering, product, marketing and sales teams to accelerate execution to the next milestone. 


Proven Early-Stage Experience Paired With First-Time Founders

The Last90 team are experienced early-stage operators who are former Google, Apple and Facebook executives.

Our team have invested, founded and been deployed in pre-series A startups to help first time founders run and scale their company.

Our "L90" Investment Process

 A proven playbook to start high-potential startups.

Due Diligence: 30 Days

Find and select high-potential young  companies focused on redefining the future of work in two buckets:  

Automation Of Work – gig to “byte-collar” robotics

The Seamless Workplace – coding, collaborating, and sharing 

Operate: " L90" Playbook

Invest Venture Capital and execute the L90 Playbook to accelerate product road map, go-to market, growth and revenue.

Exit / Exit ready

 Exit within 3-5 years through M&A, PE and Venture.


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